This page contains links to MSDI training materials created for the MSDIWG by IIC Technologies together with input from DGA and IHO in 2019. Links to PDF copies of training booklets and slides are below as well as an eLearning course for self-study. The materials are designed to be used either individually or in a group or workshop context.

MSDI Orientation. This is a basic short course designed for stakeholders with little or no experience of MSDI. It concentrates on the basic concepts and definitions required along with examples and simple illustrations of MSDI. The links below contain PDF copies of training material slides and a booklet with explanatory notes and background information on the training materials.

MSDI Orientation - Presentation Slides

MSDI Orientation - Training Booklet

Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures Training Materials

Fundamentals of MSDI. These training materials are aimed at professionals with a marine geospatial background but with little direct experience of MSDI implementation. They contains more detailed descriptions and examples drawn from a hydrographic context. Links are given to the training material guides and slides.

MSDI Fundamentals - Presentation Slides

MSDI Fundamentals - Training Booklet

An interactive eLearning course has also been produced. The course takes around 3 hours and is a combination of material from the Orientation and Fundamentals training materials.

MSDI Fundamentals - interactive eLearning Course

MSDI training materials constructed by (IIC) together with input from DGA and IHO