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Visiting the IHB

Contact Information:

4b quai Antoine 1er
B.P. 445
Telephone: +377 93 10 81 00
Telefax: + 377 93 10 81 40
Email: please use This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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The International Hydrographic Bureau, which is situated in Monaco, is the secretariat of the Organisation. It is administered by a Directing Committee, made up of three senior hydrographers, who are supported by technical and administrative personnel.

The IH Bureau is responsible for carrying out the tasks assigned to it by the Convention or the Conference. It is the responsibility of the Bureau in particular:

  • To bring about a close and permanent association between national hydrographic offices;
  • To study any matters relating to hydrography and the allied sciences and techniques and to collect the necessary papers;
  • To further the exchange of nautical charts and documents between hydrographic offices of member Governments;
  • To circulate the appropriate documents;
  • To give guidance and advice upon request, in particular to countries engaged in setting up or expanding their hydrographic service;
  • To encourage coordination of hydrographic surveys with relevant oceanographic activities;
  • To cooperate with international organizations and scientific institutions which have related objectives.

The information presented in the left menu has been compiled in order to assist IHO members travelling to the IHB - Monaco. Please note that, although considerable effort has been made to ensure this information is correct, the IHB cannot be responsible for mishaps resulting from incorrect information.


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