ID Company Institution Website S52 Pres Lib Holder S-63 Accredited Data Server S-63 Accredited OEM ECDIS OEM ECS OEM Software Provider Training Provider Chart/ENC Distributor Service Provider Survey Industry Equipment/HW Provider Academia Research Type Approval Body National Maritime Administration Non-Governmental Organization RENC End User Principal Contact Principal Contact Adress Other Contact Address Last Updated
345 Satlink Y Y Y Jens Heinsdorf 2015-07-30
346 ScanNav Y Y Y Marc Lombard 1970-01-01
347 Scheitzer Y Angelica Weber 1970-01-01
348 Scisys UK Ltd Y Chris Pontet 2016-03-16
349 Sea Cross Marine AB Y Y Per Österberg 1970-01-01
350 Selex Sistemi Integrati s.p.a Y Vittorio Paoletti 1970-01-01
351 Sena and Vans Cc. Ltd. Y Okada Kentaro 1970-01-01
352 SevenCs GmbH Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Friedhelm Moggert-Kägeler / 2018-09-26
353 Shanghai Advanced Avionics Co., Ltd. Y Zengya 1970-01-01
354 Shanghai NavStar technologies Co., Ltd Y Yining Chen 1970-01-01
355 Shanghai San Marine Information Technology Company Y Yongxing Sun 2016-09-28
356 Shanghai Yimasoft Co. Ltd Y Y Tang XuHui (Michael) 1970-01-01
357 Shenayang Zhongxuan Trading Co. Ltd Y 1970-01-01
358 Shenzhen Catong Tech. Ltd Y Lv Pan Feng 1970-01-01
359 Shenzhen Luming Tseng Y 1970-01-01
360 Shenzhen Nitech Co. Ltd. Y Y Daniel Wong 2016-03-16
361 Shenzhen Shenyuan Company Ltd Y B. Huang 1970-01-01
362 SIAé/AIA Cuers Pierrefeu (Service industriel de l'Aéronautique) Y Christophe Rouffignac 2015-07-30
363 Siemens IT Solutions and Services, SL Y Y David Chapinal 1970-01-01
364 Sii Tech Incorporation Y Y Aex Morkin 2018-04-09
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