ID Company Institution Website S52 Pres Lib Holder S-63 Accredited Data Server S-63 Accredited OEM ECDIS OEM ECS OEM Software Provider Training Provider Chart/ENC Distributor Service Provider Survey Industry Equipment/HW Provider Academia Research Type Approval Body National Maritime Administration Non-Governmental Organization RENC End User Principal Contact Principal Contact Adress Other Contact Address Last Updated
365 Signalis GmbH Y Marcus Tatulinksi 2015-07-30
366 SIMEX Co. Ltd. Y Han-Jin Lee 1970-01-01
367 Simrad (part of Navico) Y Jarl Gaute Vartdal 2011-08-01
368 ST Engineering Electronics Ltd Y Choo Liang Kwang Daniel 2018-08-07
369 Soft Business Union Y Y Iulian Iuga 2017-02-17
370 Solipsys Corporation Y Tammy Gordon 1970-01-01
371 Solutions from Silicon Pty Ltd Y Russell Norman 1970-01-01
372 Sonalysts Inc. Y John Lackie 1970-01-01
373 SOS Developers Y Clara Genermont 1970-01-01
374 Sotera Defence Solutions Y Y Y Y Y Bruce Drees 2011-08-11
375 Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation Y Y Nguyen Trong Thanh 2017-01-18
376 SpectraCal Inc. Y L.A. Heberlein 1970-01-01
377 ST Electronics (Training & Simulation System) Pte Ltd Y Lau Eng Heok Melvin 2016-09-28
378 ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems) Pte Ltd Y Y Gregory Cheong 1970-01-01
379 Suncom Co. Ltd Kr Y Y Jungho Lee 1970-01-01
380 SuperMap Software Co. Ltd Y Michael Liu 1970-01-01
381 SVA Communication Technology Co. Ltd Y Y Xu Quigzhi Wei YiMin (OEM) (OEM) 2016-10-07
382 Szego Paul Y Paul Szego 1970-01-01
383 TECHS Corp Y Keiji Minegishi 1970-01-01
384 Techno-Sciences Inc, USA Y Y Shawn Goode 1970-01-01
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