ID Company Institution Website S52 Pres Lib Holder S-63 Accredited Data Server S-63 Accredited OEM ECDIS OEM ECS OEM Software Provider Training Provider Chart/ENC Distributor Service Provider Survey Industry Equipment/HW Provider Academia Research Type Approval Body National Maritime Administration Non-Governmental Organization RENC End User Principal Contact Principal Contact Adress Other Contact Address Last Updated
41 Carmenta AB Y Y Y Tobias Moberg 1970-01-01
42 Centre for Automation of Mission Critical Systems (CAMS) Y LtCdr Onno Boshouwers 1970-01-01
43 Canadian Ice Services Y Y John Falkingham 1970-01-01
44 Caris Y Y Y Kevin Wilson hu... more
45 Caris BV Y Peter Schwarzberg 2016-09-30
46 CarteNav Solutions Inc Y Y Jody Little 1970-01-01
47 Casalini Libri Spa Y G. Boselli 1970-01-01
48 Cash Comercio e Assessoria em Software e Hardware Ltda Y Marcelo Ribeiro da Silva 1970-01-01
49 Chamdasom Inc Y HaeKwun RHEE 1970-01-01
50 Chart & Nautical Instrument Trade Association (CNITA) Y 2011-08-01
51 ChartCo Limited / Kelvin Hughes Limited Y Y Andy Fromings 1970-01-01
52 ChartWorld International Ltd Y Y Y Y Y Andrey Vorobiev NULL 2016-09-14
54 Chartworx BV Y Capt Leeke Van Der Poel 2016-03-16
55 Chengdu Spaceon Technology co.Ltd Y Liu Yu 1970-01-01
56 CherSoft Ltd. Y Y Y Y Y Y Simon Salter 2015-10-15
57 China Electronics Technology Group Y Li Ji Long 1970-01-01
58 China State Shipbuilding Corporation Systems Engineering Research Institute Y Jiawen Zao 1970-01-01
59 Chunil Electronics Co. Ltd Y Jong Keun Lee 1970-01-01
60 CMR Y Chao Ho Lee 1970-01-01
61 C-Navi Information Technology Co. Ltd www.cnavi Y In-Hwan Park 1970-01-01
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