ID Company Institution Website S52 Pres Lib Holder S-63 Accredited Data Server S-63 Accredited OEM ECDIS OEM ECS OEM Software Provider Training Provider Chart/ENC Distributor Service Provider Survey Industry Equipment/HW Provider Academia Research Type Approval Body National Maritime Administration Non-Governmental Organization RENC End User Principal Contact Principal Contact Adress Other Contact Address Last Updated
467 Republic of Singapore Navy Y Belinda Chong Theng Theng 2016-06-09
468 Sea Information Systems Ltd Y Tony Quaife 2016-06-09
469 Tresco Navigation Systems bvba Y Marc Persoons 2016-06-09
470 Tridentnav Systems HB (Old Seapilot AB) Y Elias Rudberg 2016-06-09
471 IMIS Global Limited Y Ernest Batty 2016-06-28
472 Onwa Marine Electronics Co. Ltd. Y vincent.vintech NULL 2016-06-29
473 Chen Fang Y Ms Lily Mou NULL 2016-07-27
474 Nautische Veröffentlichung Verlagsgesellschaft Y Jeppe Scheidt NULL 2016-07-27
475 RH Marine Group B.V. Y Sjoerd Van Driel / QHSE Coordinator NULL 2016-07-27
476 National Taiwan Ocean University Y Shwu-Jing Chang NULL 2016-07-27
477 Navigation and Cartography Office of Azerbaijan Y NULL 2016-07-27
478 Shangai Haiyang Weather Routing Technology Co.Ltd China Y Yu Min NULL 2016-07-27
479 CAIM New Economy S.r.l. Y Federico Carizi NULL 2016-09-28
480 Dalian Espolaris Science Technology Development CO., LTD Y Wu Geng 2016-07-27
481 APPSO System Y Chang-yong Jung NULL 2016-07-27
482 PT. Len Industri (Persero) Y Rita Dwi Handayani NULL 2016-07-27
483 Won Electronics Pte Ltd Y Andy Ha NULL 2016-07-27
484 SC Kentron Technologies SRL Y Zoran Lukic NULL 2016-07-27
486 Rocket Brothers Aps Y Carsten Norby 2016-07-27
487 Hanulsoft Inc Y HyunCheon Shin, Director NULL 2016-08-29
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